Natural and effective

250 millions years in the making.
CrocArt is the complete skincare product.

 Specifically formulated to improve the texture and condition of human skin so that tattoo and body art look amazing for years to come. CrocArt does as more for your tattoos because it does more for your skin. “If your skin looks great, your tattoos look even better” Nathan. Bespoke Ink.

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Pure crocodile oil

Stops itching and keeps colours looking fresh.
CrocArt is the only skincare product of its’ kind that's designed, formulated and made in the UK to EU
cosmetic. That’s your guarantee of consistent quality and safety.


Rapid skin repair serum prepares, protects and preserves.

  1. PREPARES problem skin to look great. On problem skin conditions like eczema - tattoos aren’t going to look as good as they can - CrocArt makes skin better.
  2. PROTECTS your skin. Crocodile oil fights infection, speeds up healing, stops itching and reduces
    scabbing. CrocArt improves the skin’s texture
  3. PRESERVES your skin. CrocArt maintains colour and definition for years to come. Even when applied to old tattoos, CrocArt greatly refreshes the colour and
    clarity of the most detailed work. CrocArt preserves great works of art.

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Specifically formulated to ensure that body
art is protected, CrocArt is a highly effective
skin rejuvinating serum that rapidly repairs
skin and aids colour retention and
image definition.

What’s so different about CrocArt?
CrocoArt used properly and regularly for a while before the tattoo is
applied, will show a marked improvement in the texture and condition
of the skin. For those who have dry, flaky and uneven skin, the
improvement in the skin will mean that the tattoo line will have a
better chance of being straight and even. This will lead to a better
looking tattoo.
CrocArt not only keeps tattoos moist for a long time it also prevents
infections by helping the skin to rapidly repair itself.
CrocArt hydrates the skin, which reduces scabbing and minimises the
loss of colour and definition. And not only helps tattoos heal quickly,
but will, if applied regularly help to keep the colour rich and vibrant
for years to come.