Tattoos heal quicker with 250 million years of evolution

The best finds are sometimes by accident. The idea of CrocArt came about when visiting family in Zambia in 2016. We treated a bad mosquito bite with a local made crocodile oil. The redness and swelling disappeared and the itching stopped. Out of curiosity we applied it to a stubborn patch of psoriasis that had been there for 30 years. We used the Croc oil for six weeks. All the thickness, dryness and itching of the problem skin was completely gone.

Once back home and lots of research later, we uncovered centuries of evidence. Civilizations using crocodile oil to treat problems from eczema, psoriasis and damaged skin. Regarded as living fossils due to their resistance to evolutionary change. Scientists believe Crocodiles have the strongest immune system. Stronger than any living creature on the planet.

South Africa and Nile Crocodiles


Investigations led us to South Africa. A visit to a wonderful crocodile farm. Run with the highest standards of animal welfare. The crocs live in natural, relaxed conditions. They’re able to express natural behaviour. The oil is a by-product from the farming activities.



We make all CrocArt products in the UK

We partnered with a leading UK cosmetic laboratory. They developed our range of CrocodOil products. All designed to help people with problem skin issues.


We chose to work with talented, creative people

The step from problem skin to tattooed skin came next. A member of staff at our company had a sleeve tattoo. Red, inflamed and itching. She asked if she could use some oil to see whether it would calm her tattoo; the rest is history. It took some time to perfect the range of CrocArt Tattoo Skincare products. We partnered with international, award winning, talented tattoo artists. They gave us their unique insight and knowledge. What artists and their customers needed. We developed a first-class collection of effective tattoo products to that criteria.