The CrocArt

Great British Tattoo Masters
Championship 2018-19

Let your work do the talking!
Be the people's champion!


The trophy is a CrocHead made from recycled metal by african metal work artists


Plus a return flight to South Africa to visit the Crocfarm and game reserve

What makes this competition special and the one to win?

Open only to CrocArt Elite Artists this competition breaks new ground when it comes to awards. No longer is there a small group or handful of judges voting for what they like or the artists that they favour. Now the judging is done by the people who count - the public!

Artists are invited to submit their work, however no names or studios will be on display.

Artists will be able to tell their followers to go and vote.
Voters will find that they have to place 3 individual votes. One Vote per piece of work. In this way all artists have a chance of picking up votes from people who don’t know their work.

At last, regardless of reputation, entrants will have the chance of gaining real national and international acclaim without any bias or favouritism.

For more information plus terms and conditions click here.