CrocIce contains everything your skin needs to rapidly repair, while reducing itching, dryness and scabbing. The end result is a beautifully healed tattoo with vibrant colours and healthy skin.

CrocIce removes the need for lots of chemicals because the key ingredient of crocodile oil, high in oleic acid which is key for cell regeneration, also contains many other naturally occurring compounds which are so good for skin. These include:

  • Omegas 3, 6 and 9 which have anti-inflammatory properties and reduce redness
  • Antiseptic qualities of turpenes
  • Vitamin A and E for their antioxidant properties and skin repair

We add menthol to cool the skin for a great feel good factor, plus a little peppermint to give it a clean, fresh smell.

Just a few drops applied a couple of times per week after your tattoo has healed will help maintain your tattoo for the long term.

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