3 steps to protecting your work of art


Step 1


Step 1 is optional and depends on the quality
of the clients skin.

Apply CrocPure to areas where eczema,
psoriasis or reddened skin is a problem.
Apply a few weeks before tattooing for
best results.

CrocPure is 97% pure CrocOil and stops dry, itchy, flaky skin taking over peoples lives.
There are no known side effects, and is
perfect for delicate skin and all skin types


Step 2


Improve customer experience. CrocPro has been created by artists for artists.

Through close collaboration with some of the country's leading artists CrocArt have created a silky smooth process butter that cools, soothes the skin and reduces redness while the tattoo is being created.


Step 3


CrocIce is more than aftercare it’s forever care for your skin.

CrocIce Unique and natural formulation accelerates healing, cools the sting and chills the itch.

And long term use will maintain the condition of people’s skin and the colour and definition ofyour tattoo.

A few drops go along way so use sparingly.