While the UK was in lock down, all our studios went into over drive. Going to huge lengths to ensure that they could re-open safely. For their customers and themselves.

CrocArt Elite Artists completed the WHO courses. How to protect people from the ravages of Covid-19. Adding to their already long list of qualifications.

Carrying out risk assessments. Studios have reassessed their working methods and opening times. With safety at the forefront, to conform with social distancing and hygiene requirements. All done to best suit their customers and artists.


CrocArt Elite Artists already ahead of the curve on hygiene.

All Elite Studios conform to the highest standards. They are already meeting the Environmental Health Authorities criteria. They have meticulous attention to detail. Knowledge of cross contamination and the prevention of any potential infection.

Our CrocArt Elite Tattoo Artists come from a variety of backgrounds. Creating masterpieces on anything from skin, to canvas, trainers and buildings. They often have completed creative degrees at university.

The defining qualities of CrocArt Elite Artist? Their complete passion for the art of tattoo. Their unending desire to create work that exceed the expectations of their customers.

Our artists focus on the entire customer experience. They know the finished tattoo is the culmination of an amazing customer experience.

More than ever before, they are going further. To ensure people feel confident in a safe, secure and comfortable environment. While getting their long-anticipated tattoo.

Some of the precautions you can expect when you get tattooed at a CrocArt Elite Studio.

  • Thorough hand sanitising upon entry
  • Temperature check before entry to the tattoo station
  • Facemask provided for the duration of your time in the studio.